Hello – we're Recuro,

We help companies succeed with their subscription businesses

The subscription economy is booming and we’re here to help. We’re a niche consulting and product firm, helping companies across industries to build and grow their subscription businesses and their recurring revenue. 

We combine expert consulting services with our own frameworks and digital tools, to help clients build new subscription businesses and optimize their current.  

Optimization and exploration

what can we do for you?

Grow Your Current Subscription Business

We accelerate your existing business, by combining analytics with management consulting based on real-life business experience. 

We help you define the strategy and goals of your business, and work with you to solve the following questions:

  • Where do we find revenue growth?
  • How can we reduce churn?
  • How do we work efficiently?
  • How do we adapt our organisation?
  • What are our priorities and plan?
  • How can we manage the transformation?

Explore A New Subscription Business Model

Does the subscription model make sense for all products and services? Almost, we believe! 

We help companies explore if it makes sense for them to build a new subscription business from scratch, or transfer an existing product to a subscription business model. 

In particular, we can help answering the following questions:

  • Should we pursue a subscription model?
  • What revenues/profits can we expect?
  • How do we get started in practice?
  • How do we adapt organisation and tech?

These are our capabilities

How We work


We provide consulting within strategy, management, business development and organization


We develop our own products and tools, and use them to diagnose and analyse your subscription business


We design and deliver courses, news updates, market analysis and other knowledge resources


We help you recruit the right people or help you with temporary staffing solutions or consultants for projects

Focusing only on subscriptions

working across industries and geographies

Analytics + Consulting

We believe in Analytics-driven consulting

Our goal is to create a new breed analytics and consulting firm – where data truly drives all client recommendations. 

We believe that the age of the generalist consulting firm is over, and that the future is niche. 

We work in cross-functional teams together with the client – where we mix subscription business experts, analysts and data scientists. 



We are a niche firm that only focus on the subscription business model. We have expertise and experience from lots of other subscription businesses. 


We develop our own analytic tools to solve customers’ challenges. This allows us to diagnose and forecast your business with great accuracy. 

Non-Stop Shop

We can help you from strategy through execution. Helping you decide where to focus, how to adapt your organisation and which technologies to use. 


We answer to no one – except our clients of course. This allows us to always have our clients’ best interest in mind, free from influence of third-parties. 

some of the things we do well

Focusing on the core areas of subscription business

We cover the full customer lifecycle of subscriptions – from acquisition to churn reduction. With our consulting services we work with strategy and planning, but also help you get down to business in changing your organisation and technology. Analytics enable and drive all of our services and the work that we perform with clients. 

Customer Acquisition

How to get more customers at the right cost – from new and existing sales channels.

Pricing & Offering

How to optimize your pricing and offering – both short and long-term.

Churn Reduction

How to make sure your customers become loyal and retention is maximized.

Full Potential Strategy

We diagnose your business using your own data and our proprietary tools to suggest how to reach your full potential.

Enabling Analytics

How to set the right goals, use the right measurements, and drive your business using analytics.

Organizational Transformation

How to build an efficient and effective, data-driven subscription organisation.

Technology Selection

How to make the right technology choices to enable an efficient subscription management platform.

Market Research

How to understand the bigger picture on what’s happening in the market or deep-dive in certain issues.

Quantitative Forecasting

How to forecast the future of the subscription business using your own data and scenarios.

We're looking for talents

Do you want to work with us?

We have an ambitious growth agenda and we’re looking for new talents. We can offer a great chance in building a new firm together with us. This includes working with interesting engagements, flexible work-life, fair compensation models and the chance to become a true expert in the field. 

  • Opening: Strategy & Management consultant with expertise and/or ambition within the subscription space.
  • Opening: Business developer and project manager with experience from running data-driven digital business development initiatives.
  • Opening: Chief Technology Officer / Lead Data scientist with broad expertise in statistical modelling, product development and visualization.

Let's start a discussion

Here are three simple ways of engaging with us

Growth analysis

Let us do a quick review of your business – by looking at your goals, strategy, data and your capabilities. 


Let us make a quantitative forecast of your business and discuss the impact possible  actions. 

Specific topic

Do you have a specific challenge or opportunity? Let us share best practice and insights. 

Let's talk!

We're happy to discuss the opportunities and challenges of your current or prospective subscription business.

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