Recuro is a knowledge firm specialized on the subscription business model

At Recuro, we focus on one thing: Subscriptions. We believe that to succeed, you need to be specialized and focused. Recuro work across industries to help companies with building and growing their subscription businesses. We have our home in the Nordics, but frequently work beyond this region to help our clients. Recuro was founded 2019 by Jonas Åström (Astrom). 

Specialized: Focusing only on subscriptions

Scalable: Building business for scale

Sustainable: Contributing to people and planet

Jonas Åström


Jonas is originally an electrical engineer and product developer focused on embedded hardware and signal-processing, and has worked in strategy and advisory roles for the past nine years. 

He has experience from corporates and startups, both as a consultant and as a business leader. Jonas built his expertise of subscriptions businesses from working within Bonnier, the Nordic media group. 

As a consultant Jonas has worked with a wide range of subscription-based businesses, from the media industry to service companies.