Managed services

Recuro can help you run and grow your subscription business operations

We provide ‘managed services’ specialized on subscription businesses. We can take full responsibility for operating your subscriptions business – or provide a specific resources to suit your situation. The services are tailored to your business needs – and are transparently and competitively priced. 

Our Managed Services

We can help you run and grow your subscription business efficiently

Recuro’s managed services is a flexible solution for when you want a professional partner to run and grow you subscription business. We can provide a solution where Recuro take responsibility for more or less of your subscription sales & operations. We can help with customer acquisition, retention, customer support, administration and marketing. 

Customer acquisiton

Acquiring new subs through all channels

Customer retention

Design and run a great customer journey

Support & Administration

End-customer support and administration

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting and analysis for continued growth

Specific roles

The roles and competencies we provide

Subscription Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for running and growing your subscription business. They act as “product owners” or “mini CEOs” for you business. They set the plan and make sure that the right resources are allocated to successfully execute. 

Subscription Acquisition Manager

The Acquisition Manager is specialized in acquiring new subscribers, through all relevant channels. These often include your own channels, such as your website and newsletters, as well as paid channels – such as social and SEM. They monitor the lifetime value and adapt their efforts to provide the best ROI. 

Subscription Retention Manager

The Retention Manager is responsible for making sure that your end-customers are happy and that they don’t churn. This is accomplished by designing and operating a great omni-channel customer journey. They also advice on how to develop your service and product, to ensure lower levels of churn. 

Subscription Analytics Manager

The Analytics Manager is responsible for managing the numbers. They provide continuous insights, analysis and reports to help manage and grow the business. The Analytics Manager is an expert in subscription KPI:s and to distill insights from your data. 

Designer & Copywriter

To create a compelling pitch for new customers, and to retain your existing, you need great copy-writing and design skills. Our Designers & Copywriters help the business forward by making sure everything look neat and that the values of your business are clearly articulated.  

Subscription Support Manager

The Support Manager is responsible for making sure that your end-customers get the right help. Practically, the manager handles incoming calls, e-mail and chat. They set the right processes to ensure a qualitative and compliant support process for you and your customer. 

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