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Recuro help newspapers, magazines and digital content publishers to grow their reader revenue and their subscription businesses

We have a proven record of helping leading publishers to build new subscription businesses and help them grow their existing. We focus on both digital subscription models and print circulation – often in combination. Our range of services include strategy consulting, operations consulting, and managed services. 

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Our membership program for continuous expert support and access to tools and content


Consulting project within subscription strategy, business development or enablement


Let us manage your acquisition and retention as a professional partner to your business

Our expertise within Media & Publishing

Here are 10 examples on how we can help grow your business

Our expertise cover the full life-cycle of subscription businesses in media & publishing. We know subscriptions from strategy & analysis, practical implementation to enabling change in the organization.  

  1. Set a new subscription business strategy
  2. Build foundation for strategy execution
  3. Quantitative forecasting and budgeting
  4. Identify churn-drivers and prioritize actions
  5. Improve customer journey to drive retention
  6. Evaluate sales/marketing efforts based on CLV 
  7. Optimize paywall strategy and conversion
  8. Set new price/packaging for subscriptions
  9. Build foundations for analytics organisation
  10. Build foundations for agile workflow

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