The Recuro membership

A membership for subscription business executives

The Recuro membership is a unique offering for subscription business executives who aim to continuously grow and optimize their business. A mix of expert consulting support from Recuro, packaged with digital tools, assets and content – giving you new insights as well as hands-on support. When needed, the membership can be extended on-demand, for example with more consulting hours. The membership comes with a flat base fee and completely transparent pricing. 

Who is it for?

The Recuro membership is aimed at executives and employees who work within a subscription business. Our target members include CEO:s, CFO:s, business area managers, commercial products owners, vice-presidents of marketing & sales, head of analytics, business controllers, and more. 

What is included?

The membership is tailored to each executive and organisation. As an example, the standard package include the following: 

  • Monthly retainer of hours for consulting services
  • Digital tools to simplify analysis and forecasting
  • Subscription success framework
  • Subscription KPI handbook and benchmarks
  • Subscription platform assessments
  • Access to our extended expert network
  • Deep-dives and analysis of current topics

What are the terms?

The membership has transparent terms and a money-back guarantee. 

  • Flat fee tailored to your business needs
  • Try first month with money-back guarantee
  • Renews for 3 months at a time after first month
  • If hours are not utilized, they are carried until next period
  • On-demand pricing for additional hours and resources
Details on what is included

Here are the details on what is included

Consulting services

Included in the membership is a retainer with a number of hours each month of consulting services from one of our consultants. What can we help you with? Basically anything on your agenda to help grow your subscription business even faster. Have a look at our expertise to learn more.

Digital tools and applications

We develop our own digital tools for forecasting, analysis and diagnostics of subscription businesses. You can use these tools to better understand the future of you business, as well as the impact of possible changes you are considering for your business. 

Subscription success framework

Our subscription success framework is a comprehensive guide on how to manage your subscription business in the most efficient and effective way possible. It includes best practice covering everything from strategy through technology platform. 

Extended expert network

We have a network of professionals which you can reach out to for expert advice on specific topics. These experts have leading experience within their field, and have been handpicked by Recuro. Simply use the contact info, reach out to them and get their advice – at no extra cost to you.