A network of experts within subscription businesses

Recuro work with consulting projects, as well as a continuous membership model, to help executives to grow and optimize their subscription businesses. Frequently, Recuro’s consultant or our clients need to reach out to experts in specific fields to get help on issues. Therefore we have formalized our extended expert network

Our experts are consultants and freelancers, who have experience from areas such as marketing, sales, product development, innovation and analytics. By being experts in our network, they both contribute to the network and receive the benefits from it. Experts are reimbursed directly for all client time. 

Would you like to join the network?

To be an expert in our network you need to tick the following boxes. 

The deal for experts

Benefits and expectations for our experts

Benefits for you

As an expert in our network you get access to all of our content and our digital tools. You get reimbursed for your time with Recuro’s clients as well as the opportunity to build direct relations with executives. 

Access to our membership

Business opportunities

Expectations on you

Being an expert in our network comes with expectations. Your are expected to be available for client calls, contribute with content, as well as representing the network. 

Take calls and meetings

Contribute to the network

Represent the network

Step by step

How it works in practice

This is the process for joining our network. If you are interested, please read on and get in touch with us. 


Get in touch

Start by reaching out to us on hello@recuro.io and say hello. Provide some details on who you are, how you can contribute, as well as what you aim to get out of the network. 



We’ll take meeting to get to know each other, validate your experience and your interest in the network. Here a quick phone meeting is usually a good enough way forward.  


Set it up

After the validation it’s time to set everything up. Here we will go through how the network works for your and add a short professional bio for your profile. You will also be asked to sign a simple NDA to protect client discussions. 



Clients can now reach out to you directly and you will get reimbursed for your time. We’ll have a continuous discussion on how you can contribute to the network and how you utilize it best for your own purposes. 


Here are some frequently asked questions

This is the process for joining our network. If you are interested, please read on and get in touch with us. 

The Recuro membership is a unique offering for subscription business executives who aim to continuously grow and optimize their business. A mix of expert consulting support from Recuro, packaged with digital tools, assets and content – giving clients new insights as well as hands-on support. 

The Recuro membership is aimed at executives and employees who work within a subscription business. Our target members include CEO:s, CFO:s, business area managers, commercial products owners, vice-presidents of marketing & sales, head of analytics, business controllers, and more. 

Click here to read more about the membership program. 

Only the members of Recuro’s membership program as well as other experts in the network can see your bio and your contact details. This is behind our login system so not available to the public. 

Never! The network is build around that everyone contributes to it, and everyone benefits from it. There will never occur any type of cost for you an contributing expert. 

The clients who are in the membership program has a fixed number of hours available each month, depending on their level of membership. This works kind of like a retainer, where the clients can chose if the like to use Recuro’s consultants – or reach out to the extended expert network to get help. 

When clients chose to reach out to the network, they simple book a meeting with one of our experts. After the meeting, you as an expert talk to Recuro and let us know which client you advised, and for how many hours. Please note that per default the maximum number of hours your can get reimbursed for is 2 hours per client occasion. 

The meeting is not meant to be a direct sales opportunity for you as a consultant. However, if you build your own relationship with the client, then you are free to make any own deal with them, as long as this does not hurt the commercial agreement between Recuro and the client. 

When you become a part of the network you will get access to our entire membership program. This includes access to digital tools, analytics models and our framework for how to build a subscription business – as well as many other deep-dives and practical guides. You are free to use this content for your own professional purposes, as long as you always very clearly refer to Recuro. 


Welcome to Recuro

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